Arrow Value Recovery Pilots Geographic Expansion of e-Stewards Certification

Arrow’s Global Compliance Program for Value Recovery incorporates best practices of today’s leading industry standards, while creating a flexible platform capable of keeping pace with global change. We are pleased to announce Arrow’s commitment with the Basel Action Network (BAN) to certify all of the company’s electronics recycling and IT asset recovery operations worldwide, including Arrow’s new Brazil facility, to the e-Stewards® Standard.

Read all about it in our press release.

The e-Stewards Initiative is a project of the Basel Action Network (BAN), a global toxic trade watchdog organization that helps to promote responsible electronics recycling. The e-Stewards certification program for electronics recyclers is designed to manage toxic materials in electronics in a globally responsible manner. Organizations who achieve e-Stewards certification ensure businesses that their old technology will not poison vulnerable populations, recycling workers or the global ecosystem.

Working with e-Stewards at our new facility in Sao Paolo, Brazil is an exciting opportunity to jointly pilot the geographic expansion of the e-Stewards program into non-OECD countries. In addition to certification, Arrow’s director of quality and compliance Scott Venhaus, will serve on a committee of e-Stewards members to develop a new generation of industry standards for electronics recycling worldwide.

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