In Pursuit of Sustainable Electronics

I’m delighted to be blogging again, now from my role in Global Sustainability and Compliance for Arrow Electronics. I am perched in the heart of Arrow Value Recovery, where pursuing sustainable electronics is core to our mission. To be counted among the very fortunate, between my day job and my passion for sustainability, I have a boatload to say about this subject and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

The Ride

Some would argue (me included) that “Sustainable Electronics” is an oxymoron. We’d be quick to affirm that technology is critical to solving the myriad problems clustered under the umbrella of sustainability – from energy generation and management, to water, food security, disaster relief, and even social justice. Yet questions of resource use and availability are inherent in the creation, use and ultimate end-of-life of electronics. Water, energy, and materials go into the creation of electronics, their manufacture, their packaging, their distribution, their use, potential re-use and disposal. The ride will include in-depth explorations of these various aspects as well as commentary on relevant current events and news.

The Challenge

“Sustainable Electronics” – our ability to continue to enjoy devices upon which our very lives and livelihoods depend – is not a given. I posit that the wanton proliferation and irresponsible disposal of electronics threatens their long-term availability. And without the electronics that are embedded in our transportation and communication, our medical devices and our education, our buildings, energy distribution and food distribution, life as we enjoy it is at risk.

The Invitation

I invite you to join me on this journey, to engage around the topics I raise and suggest topics you want addressed. The challenges of sustainability are systems challenges. We need systems thinkers to solve them. No longer can we be content with yesterday’s education or rely on the dominance of one discipline or domain. We must learn from each other. As we say in the Boston Area Sustainability Group, “Time is short and we all need to learn a boatload fast.”

Drop me a note at – and enjoy the ride!


Arrow Electronics Joins Campaign for Responsible Electronics Recycling Act

Arrow is pleased to announce that it has joined The Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER) to support passage of the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (RERA – HR 2791).

RERA will require that domestic processing of non-working e-scrap to ensure that toxic materials in computers, cell phones, TVs and other electronics are responsibly managed in the U.S. As a result, U.S. export of tested, working electronics and recycled commodities is expected to grow with passage of RERA. According to a recent CAER study, RERA may generate up to 42,000 new jobs with an annual payroll of $1 billion.

In addition to ensuring responsible e-waste processing, RERA will ensure strategic precious metals such as copper, gold and rare earths will be managed by U.S.-based companies rather than being processed in developing countries such as China and others in Africa and Asia.

Click here to view more information on the press release.

Read the article in Resource Recycling.

Info Security Netherlands

Flection / Value Recovery Europe Participates in Info Security Expo

As part of Arrow Electronics, Flection will soon join the Arrow Value Recovery brand, and will unveil its new look at the Info Security Expo in Utrecht, Netherlands. This trade show and conference is the ideal place to meet Arrow Value Recovery’s European team.

Visit us in Booth E136 where we will discuss our IT asset recovery solutions and in particular, the global compliance and process advantages of Arrow Value Recovery solutions.

Info Security Expo
30-31 October, 2013
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Arrow Value Recovery: Booth E136

IT asset disposition organizations have a strong responsibility to protect sensitive data, worker safety and the environment, and Arrow Value Recovery is taking the lead in compliance. Our global compliance program incorporates the best practices of today’s leading industry standards for data security, environmental accountability, quality and occupational health and safety.

Join us at the Info Security Expo to learn about the European operations of Arrow Value Recovery and our commitment to global IT asset recovery.

Contact us today at to set up a meeting!

Arrow Brazil

Arrow Value Recovery Celebrates Brazil Grand Opening

The Brazil facility for Arrow Value Recovery has been in operation for several months, but the official unveiling of the location will be kicked off with a celebratory party on October 16, 2013. The grand opening event celebrates the newly established presence of Arrow’s IT asset disposition and reverse logistics business in Brazil. With clients, Arrow executives and Brazilian dignitaries attending, the event is shaping up to be an exciting introduction to Brazil as we reveal the full capabilities of Arrow Value Recovery.


The facility is located on the west side of Sao Paulo, near many of Arrow’s suppliers and the city’s ports. It has been designed in compliance with all relevant process and environmental standards including the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2), Recycling Industry Operation Standard (RIOS), and International Standards Organization 9001 and 14001.


Arrow has maintained a presence in Brazil since 1999. The decision to expand aligns with the company’s commitment to pursue high growth and emerging markets that are aligned with the growth objectives of Arrow’s suppliers and customers.


IT asset disposition and reverse supply chain services available in Brazil include:

• Secure logistics
• Testing and screening
• Value recovery
• Comprehensive data erasure and destruction
• Compliant recycling
• Remarketing
• Product returns management
• Service parts management
• End-to-end auditing process
• Proprietary reporting system

If you would like more information on the Brazil operations, please contact us today!

Watch the video from the Brazil grand opening! Arrow Brazil Grand Opening

And check out some of the photos taken at our Grand Opening Celebration:

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Arrow Value Recovery Pilots Geographic Expansion of e-Stewards Certification

Arrow’s Global Compliance Program for Value Recovery incorporates best practices of today’s leading industry standards, while creating a flexible platform capable of keeping pace with global change. We are pleased to announce Arrow’s commitment with the Basel Action Network (BAN) to certify all of the company’s electronics recycling and IT asset recovery operations worldwide, including Arrow’s new Brazil facility, to the e-Stewards® Standard.

Read all about it in our press release.

The e-Stewards Initiative is a project of the Basel Action Network (BAN), a global toxic trade watchdog organization that helps to promote responsible electronics recycling. The e-Stewards certification program for electronics recyclers is designed to manage toxic materials in electronics in a globally responsible manner. Organizations who achieve e-Stewards certification ensure businesses that their old technology will not poison vulnerable populations, recycling workers or the global ecosystem.

Working with e-Stewards at our new facility in Sao Paolo, Brazil is an exciting opportunity to jointly pilot the geographic expansion of the e-Stewards program into non-OECD countries. In addition to certification, Arrow’s director of quality and compliance Scott Venhaus, will serve on a committee of e-Stewards members to develop a new generation of industry standards for electronics recycling worldwide.

For more information about the e-Stewards initiative visit:

For more information on Arrow’s Global Compliance Program, click here or contact us.