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Spare parts Management

Arrow’s Reverse Supply Chain Services and spare parts management provide real answers to effectively meet serviceability requirements, manage inventory obsolescence issues, and provide last-time purchasing options that allow clients to concentrate on higher-value operations and generate greater profitability for their organization.Spare Parts Management Services

In the management of high-tech service spares or service parts components, maintaining control over on-hand inventory to meet long-range forecasts can be a daunting task. The need to meet serviceability requirements, combined with the importance of managing inventory obsolescence and last-time purchasing requirements, can quickly balloon stock levels and tie up precious cash flow on aging inventory of unnecessary high-tech components. Multiply this occurrence across many different product lines and the direct impact can be damaging to your company’s bottom line.

Using a comprehensive set of spare parts management tools, Arrow can help eliminate inefficiencies in the service spares environment through:

Lean Planning Techniques
Dramatically reduce the pressures to carry extensive inventory, thus eliminating the risks of inventory obsolescence or last-time purchasing requirements.

Inventory Optimization
Combined with lean planning principles, this adds predictability to the planning process by analyzing frequently obtained data points and the evolution of inventory levels, all measured in real time.

Product Reintroduction
Our inspection process tests and screens returned components to strict manufacturer specifications, enabling NFF (No Fault Found) components to be returned into the service parts supply channel for reuse. This process also eliminates the need to purchase new components exclusively from procurement channels, thus dramatically reducing inventory acquisition costs and scrap disposition expenses.

Risk Management Analysis
Identifies and helps manage overall inventory risk (too much vs. too little). Through the implementation of lean planning practices, combined with just-in-time delivery systems, significant opportunities for optimizing service spares inventory levels are identified.

Vendor-Managed Inventory Solutions
Our global supply chain sourcing infrastructure, logistics capabilities, and expertise in delivering seamless electronic components distribution allow us to work with clients as direct suppliers of electronic components and technology products, limiting their exposure to cost variables associated with maintaining their own inventory.

Kitting Solutions
Arrow leverages its electronic components distribution network to procure raw materials and consumables from single-source suppliers and the distribution market while managing a forecast-driven kitting operation.

Global Logistics Support
Our vast global network offers dozens of strategic stocking locations (SSLs) and field stocking locations (FSLs) on six continents. These secure storage sites offer 24/7 inventory access, local inventory management, and Web-based inventory visibility.

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Make Your Service Spares Inventory Work For You.

Arrow works with your planning and forecasting team to implement a customized service parts management program that speaks to your company’s unique challenges and delivers efficiency and value.

Our custom inventory solutions include:

  • Lean Planning
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Product Reintroduction
  • Risk Management
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory
  • Kitting Solutions
  • Global Logistics Support

If you’re wrestling with the high costs of managing your service center spare parts, contact us for more information about our comprehensive service spares management solutions.