Product Returns Management

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Product Returns Management

Arrow’s reverse supply chain services offer a full suite of product returns management solutions to help maximize product return velocity and value recovery.

With a long history in the technology supply chain, Arrow uses its expertise to introduce a product returns management strategy for technology manufacturers that includes best-practice methodology to efficiently review returned materials. Returns management solutions include a comprehensive inspection process to review materials for no trouble found (NTF), no fault found (NFF), and potential warranty returns.

Product returns management services include:Product Returns Management Services

Returned Materials Testing & Screening
Arrow utilizes the same hardware and software platforms as leading original device manufacturers for all reverse supply chain testing and screening purposes, applying manufacturer-audited and manufacturer-approved processes for key commodities.

RMA Management
Each component is tested and inspected to identify materials that fall under manufacturer warranty for credit recovery. The condition of each module is recorded, and the RMA process is managed by Arrow to ensure timely warranty credit. Materials determined to be out of warranty are properly recycled following our comprehensive disposition strategies.

Service Parts Recovery
Arrow’s expertise helps determine the best path to recover value on returned materials. Typical assessments include weighing the cost of refurbishment against the value of the product, or gauging whether the demand for a specific commodity makes it more valuable to disassemble the product and reuse the individual parts.

Disposition Strategies
Materials returned through the reverse supply chain that cannot recover value through redeployment back into the service supply chain, warranty/RMA credits, or remarketing must still be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. As part of a complete product life cycle supply chain solution, Arrow offers secure return product disposition strategies including teardown and data destruction.

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The Science Behind Product Returns Management

Product returns can be a significant time and cost drain to manufacturers. Arrow’s customized returns management strategies build on your requirements and our expertise in best practices to implement a product returns process that eliminates inefficiencies and uncovers hidden value.

Our solution-based services include:

  • Testing and Screening
  • RMA Management
  • Advance Exchange
  • Service Parts Recovery
  • Disposition Strategies
    • Teardown
    • Data Destruction
    • Compliant Recycling
    • Asset Renewal
    • Remarketing

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