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We have recruited some of our experts to participate in question-and-answer style podcasts on current topics related to IT asset management including mobility topics and e-waste and sustainability issues. These short podcasts can be listened to right on your computer or mobile phone, and provide a deeper level of insight into industry challenges and best practices.

E-Waste, Recycling and Sustainability

Electronics Recycling FAQs
Electronic devices must be disposed of properly in order to reduce the risk to human health and the environment, and to protect data stored on them. In the ideal situation, electronics that are no longer needed could be refurbished and reused.

The Future of Green Electronics
Interest in green electronics is soaring and the electronics industry is aggressively pursuing the use of less toxic materials. Find out about the role green electronics will play in the future of technology.

Sustainability is not a destination, it is a holistic way of being and thinking. And sustainability is more than just reducing waste or recycling electronics. Get more detail and find out how companies can contribute to sustainability.

E-waste Facts
“E-waste is a term used to cover all items of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and its parts that have been discarded by its owner as waste without the intent to re-use.” learn more in this podcast.

Electronics Remarketing & Refurbished Electronics
Most contemporary devices – computers, smartphones, tablets – can be refurbished, redeployed, remarketed or donated, which extends their life and makes better use of the raw materials and energy initially used to create them.

Alternative Materials for Electronics
Today’s electronics are made from a very wide spectrum of materials, many of them toxic and/or non-renewable. Because of this, it’s important to look at ways to use alternative materials for electronics.

Toxic Electronics & Disposing of E-Waste
Many of the components used within electronic devices like laptops and smartphones are toxic to both human health and the environment. Learn what these materials are and how they are impacting the environment here and now.

Charitable Donations of E-waste
Charitable donations from businesses help bridge the gap in the digital divide as well as postpone recycling and extend the life of electronics that your business no longer needs. Find out more about charitable donations of e-waste.


New Ways To Unlock Value in Retired Mobile Devices
Retired mobile phones still have value, and if they’re properly handled, they can be remarketed or reused. Arrow Value Recovery’s mobility disposition solutions can help you recover up to 30% more value for your retired mobile devices.

MDM and its Role in Data Security
MDM (mobile device management) software helps organizations control proprietary information stored on mobile devices, and is often used for data erasure when those devices are retired. However, relying solely on MDM as a means of data security can leave your organization open to risk.

Feel free to contact us to suggest additional topics or if you’d like to speak to someone for a more in-depth discussion about your needs.

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