Shipping and Transportation

Shipping and transportation

Proper IT asset disposition begins with careful preparation and secure transportation of your retired IT assets. Arrow Value Recovery provides worry-free transportation focused on protecting your equipment’s residual value, securing your organization’s data, and ensuring that no harm is done to the environment.

We offer a number of transportation options to fit your unique needs, depending upon the level of data security or physical security required, type of equipment, staffing, location, and value return opportunity.

Specialized Transportation Options

Secure Container In this highly secure option, Arrow-trained staff is dispatched to a client’s site to verify, pack, and ship materials. First, each asset is scanned and reconciled by serial number against a pre-provided client asset list. Following client review and approval of the reconciled list, assets are then packaged in secure dedicated containers, locked with tamper-evident seals, and shipped directly to an Arrow facility. An electronic copy of the reconciled asset list is then sent to the client.
Dedicated Truck This option ensures that the transportation of your assets will be exclusive to your organization. Arrow dispatches a secure, dedicated truck to the client facility for true point-to-point delivery. Each truck is sealed with tamper-evident seals prior to leaving the dock, and the truck seals are verified and signed by both the client and the driver.
Arrow Pack & Ship Arrow dispatches trained crews who are fully instructed on our stringent procedures. These specialists perform consolidation, packing, an inventory count by asset type, packaging, palletizing, and shrink-wrapping of all assets to protect residual value. Once packing is complete, the truck is sealed and the assets are shipped to an Arrow facility. This is the most cost-effective solution for secure transport.
Freight Only – Client Packed In this option, the client pre-packs all assets on pallets or in boxes, readying them for pickup and transport. Arrow arranges for pickup at a requested date and time in a secure truck, and tracks each shipment during transportation. Once the equipment arrives at our processing center, we apply asset identification and registration tags.
Arrow Parcel Ship Arrow provides the client with boxes, packing materials, return labels, and detailed instructions. The client then packs the equipment and contacts a designated carrier for pickup and delivery to an Arrow facility. This is typically the most cost-effective transportation solution for remote locations and small volumes.
Self Ship In this option, the client packages and ships all materials to an Arrow facility using a carrier of their choice. Upon receipt, verification is provided only to the bill of lading, which includes skid count and weight. This shipping option is the least secure and not commonly recommended, as no additional chain-of-custody or asset reconciliation occurs.

A Comprehensive Process

The foundation of your assets’ transportation is our comprehensive IT asset disposition logistics process, which also helps protect your equipment and shield your organization from risk. With logistics tied to our online asset management system, you can easily track the transportation and processing of your assets. And Arrow’s expertise helps manage data security, environmental responsibility, legislative compliance, and inventory risk while ensuring that your IT assets are safely delivered to our secure processing facilities.

Our processes are designed to ensure that every IT asset and electronic device is secure. Whichever transportation process is right for your company, ranging from a simple option for clients not concerned with risk to a more comprehensive option for the highly risk-averse, you can rest assured that Arrow Value Recovery will respond quickly to your request, maintain a clear chain-of-custody, and provide optimal brand protection.

Arrow Value Recovery protects our clients with specialized transportation options that address the data vulnerability, environmental, and brand reputation risks associated with IT assets that are no longer in regular use by an organization. With localized solutions for global challenges, Arrow offers clients an IT asset management process that is easier to manage and measure, and more reliable.

Additional transportation options are available for international clients based upon their location. Contact us for more information.

Why Is Transportation Important?

As much as you protect your assets while on-network, you should continue to protect them while off-network. Transportation of equipment from your facility requires attention to data protection and residual value maintenance. Properly packing and transporting your IT assets is important for several reasons:

  • Careful handling of your IT assets not only ensures their security, but also protects their value.
  • Systems damaged during transport can lose significant remarketing value.
  • The loss of even one data-bearing device can have a widespread negative impact on your corporate reputation—from both an environmental and data security standpoint.

Download the Specialized Transportation brochure.