Onsite Destruction Services

Onsite Destruction Services

Physical media and hard drive destruction destroys data-bearing assets with shredding, punching and degaussing processes. These highly effective destruction options are NIST- and NAID-approved and can be witnessed by the client, if desired. Arrow provides a report with each device’s serial number and a certificate of destruction for each project.

Arrow Value Recovery Onsite Destruction Services Include:

  • Shredding
  • Punching
  • Degaussing

Shredding is a NAID-approved process and available nationwide. This process takes place in a specially designed truck at the client location where no external power is required and the client can easily witness the process. Before the shredding process, the serial number of each device is captured. Then drives are shredded to a 30mm standard shred size, and a certificate of destruction is issued for each job. Shredding can accommodate hard drives, data tapes (DLT, LTO, 8mm, etc.), and miscellaneous media like CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and USB drives. Smaller shred sizes and alternate destruction methods are available for solid state drives (SSDs).

Hard-drive destruction via punching requires highly specialized equipment and is performed in service areas located 50-100 miles away from Arrow’s regional locations. This destruction method utilizes a mobile hydraulic punch that runs on 110V, requiring electricity. The process is NAID-approved, and the client can witness the process, if desired. We capture each device’s serial number and supply a certificate of destruction for each job. This process is appropriate for hard drives.

Degaussing is available nationwide using commercial equipment and is NSA-approved. The client can witness the process, which captures the serial numbers, and we issue a certificate of destruction for each job. Degaussing can accommodate hard drives and data tape up to 1″ x 4″ x 6″.

Key Benefits:

  • Single source for a variety of data destruction methods
  • Process can be witnessed for additional validation
  • Certification of destruction provided for each job

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