Data Sanitization for Enterprise Systems

Data Sanitization for Enterprise Systems

Designed for enterprise-wide devices, such as servers and storage devices used in data centers, server farms and LAN centers, our onsite data sanitization services provide data erasure and asset verification to protect a corporation’s data-bearing IT equipment. Sanitization meets NIST-compliant standards, and our staff focuses on preserving asset value and resale options.

Arrow Value Recovery Onsite Services for Enterprise Systems Include:

  • Data sanitization / testing for remarketing
  • Destruction processes for media that fails erasure
  • Storage frame erasure for decommissioning, repurposing or lease return
  • Data sanitization reporting
  • Certificate of data destruction

Onsite enterprise data sanitization erases client data with government-approved NIST-compliant methods. The NIST one (1) pass with verification is the standard service offered; the client can request additional overwrites if required. Arrow will generate and deliver comprehensive disposition reports with device serial numbers associated with the host server or storage frame as well as the final eradication status and / or physical destruction method. A formal certificate of destruction will be delivered with each job.

We have experience with all major OEM servers, including Dell, HP, SUN and IBM. Storage system expertise includes EMC, NetApp, IBM XIV, HP and more.


  • Nonintrusive data sanitization process that does not require access through a client’s firewall
  • Provides reporting and certificates of destruction that exceed NIST requirements for a legally defendable asset audit trail
  • Provides market valuation of equipment to enable clients to make cost-effective decisions about product disposition

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