Data Center Equipment Decommissioning

Data Center Equipment Decommissioning

When data centers are closed, moved or updated, the IT equipment should be properly decommissioned and sanitized in order to protect data security. Arrow Value Recovery provides a secure, single source for these equipment and infrastructure requirements and provides fair market value on recovered equipment.

Arrow Value Recovery Onsite Services for Data Center Decommissioning Include:

  • Equipment Decommissioning
  • Site Decommissioning
  • Equipment prepped for repurpose or lease return

Data center decommissioning involves the de-installation of servers, network and storage devices along with the server cabinets and network racks they are encased in. It is appropriate for large tape libraries such as StorageTek 9310, StorageTek SL8500 and IBM-3494, and storage systems including EMC, NetApp, IBM and HP systems.

Site decommissioning is typically done for infrastructure items, such as UPS units, PDUs, ATS units, generators, CRAC units and chillers, batteries (wet or dry), and raised floor systems. Oftentimes, asset inventory services – data eradication or hard-drive destruction – can be included in these projects.

Benefits of Onsite Data Center Decommissioning Services:

  • Single source for your equipment and infrastructure requirements
  • Fair market value on recovery of IT equipment and infrastructure items
  • Turnkey project management – Arrow utilizes a well-established program that includes the requirements necessary to work in today’s risk-averse environment

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