OEM and Retailer

IT Asset disposition and aftermarket solutions for OEMs and Retailers

IT Asset Disposition ImageArrow’s Value Recovery group brings decades of proven expertise and integrity to the reverse supply chain, providing complex IT asset disposition and reverse supply chain solutions that address the unique needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronics retailers, helping them reduce supply chain complexities and find untapped value.

Our customized IT asset management programs include product and warranty returns, trade-in programs, service parts management and more. We understand that the reverse streams are large and diverse, and we offer the size, scale, depth, refurbishment and remarketing capabilities required to handle them.

Innovation In the Reverse Supply Chain and Aftermarket 

Channel Returns

One of the most substantial returns streams managed by OEMs is product returned from retailers, direct from consumers, or from other service partners. These channel returns are usually current technology and thus require more sophisticated processing and remarketing of the assets. Arrow remains up to date with the latest technology, across a wide variety of platforms, to handle complex processing and high volumes. And with Arrow’s global network and deep knowledge of the marketplace, we have the right channels to remarket assets for the highest value and distribute them in a way that does not compete with new units.

Take-Back Services

When you sell new equipment to your customer, it often replaces old equipment that must be disposed of properly. Arrow can assist you with take-back offerings that securely and quickly remove the old equipment, whether it is your product or a competitor’s product. Turn this service into a significant margin opportunity and add value and stickiness to the customer relationship by leveraging Arrow to handle the risk associated with processing, remarketing and more. Additionally, this solution and new product sales have a tight synergy, as remarketing dollars can help offset the cost of a customers’ new units and, in many cases, can be used to displace your competitors’ equipment.

Lease Returns

Arrow’s Value Recovery group offers off-lease ITAD solutions designed to simplify the returns process for OEMs and maximize the value of these technology assets. With a global network of facilities; a controlled, secure data destruction process; and an infrastructure capable of carefully managing and maximizing remarketing opportunities, Arrow provides end-to-end, reliable lease return services. Original equipment manufacturers turn to Arrow for comprehensive reporting; quick, secure lease reconciliation; and global compliance across all locations.

Service Parts Management

In the electronics industry, organizations often maintain spare parts inventory to fulfill their service and warranty obligations. But long-term forecasting is tenuous at best, often leaving OEMs with insufficient inventory, surplus inventory, or the right inventory in the wrong place. A variety of supply chain solutions can be applied to maximize efficiency in a company’s service parts inventory, including lean planning and flexible procurement, site balancing and product reallocation, kitting, vendor-managed inventory, and just-in-time programs. The strategic application of these solutions results in a balanced spare parts inventory that improves customer serviceability, reduces inventory risk, and improves the organization’s balance sheet.

Product Returns Management

Adding to the overall operating expenses for manufacturers is the cost of product and scrap material returns. A product returns management strategy from Arrow reviews product returns for no trouble found (NTF), no fault found (NFF), and warranty recovery. After sorting, inspecting, and testing returned materials to manufacturer specifications, Arrow finds the most profitable use for the materials, including teardown for service spares use, warranty recovery, buy-back services, and remarketing. If the materials are unusable, comprehensive data destruction and compliant recycling practices are applied. Arrow helps OEMs uncover hidden value from material returns and recover bottom-line revenue.

Find out how our flexible reverse supply chain and IT asset disposition solutions can remove complexity and risk from your operation – allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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