Managed Deployment & IT Asset Management Services

Managed Deployment & IT Asset Management Services

Starting with an optimized procurement service managed by a dedicated solutions architect, Arrow handles technology installation, receipt of new hardware, software deployment, and data migration. When technology is no longer needed, Arrow manages its intelligent retirement, asset redeployment and secure disposition. Throughout the technology life cycle, Arrow Value Recovery controls risks and provides seamless, managed services.

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Arrow’s Managed Deployment Services program is a complete solution that helps companies understand and control IT assets throughout their enterprise and asset life cycle and reduce the total cost of ownership for distributed IT assets and mobility products.

Managed Deployment Services Configuration Options
Asset Life Cycle Management

  • Planning/procurement
  • Secure containers for inventory management, receipt, registration, and transportation
  • CMDB (configuration management database) updates
  • Inventory distribution
  • Imaging & redeployment
Lease Return Management

  • Lease schedule management
  • Vendor management
  • EOL equipment processing
  • EOL equipment tracking
  • Inventory reconciliation
Asset Refresh/Deployment

  • Project inventory management
  • Distribution coordination
  • Disconnect/recovery services
  • Bulk disposal coordination
  • Imaging/upgrade
Managed Disposal Services

  • Physical separation and safe receipt of used equipment
  • Secure shipments for data security
  • Reinventory usable equipment
  • Reimaging
  • Pre-disposal inventory
  • Salvaging (cost avoidance)

Key Features of Managed Deployment Services

Industry Leadership

Over 30 years’ experience building deployment programs that produce significant returns for our clients. This means that our solutions architects understand each unique customer environment and work toward constant improvement.

Transparent Pricing Tools & Techniques

Leveraging Arrow’s technological and statistical capabilities in Big Data research of current and future market prices, we have the tools to predict future technology prices with a very high degree of accuracy. This means we can better project your equipment’s future value and recommend the most profitable course of action.

Project & Program Management

Full support with a dedicated solutions architect provides smart planning and bulletproof deployment, and refresh and recovery strategies with a proven track record of success. This individual attention helps streamline and maximize your IT investments.

Customized Solutions

Our Managed Deployment Services program is flexible and can be tailored to meet business requirements and optimize operational infrastructure. The program meets your unique business needs, not ours.

IT Asset Management Services

Support-based services help ensure flawless technology execution in multi-vendor environments. Our operations and processes will be integrated to seamlessly produce results with all of your vendors.

Arrow Is Your Trusted Partner

With Arrow’s Managed Deployment Services, efficiency and security are improved. Our dedicated solutions architect works as a member of your project team to analyze the volume of requests, the volume of equipment that needs processing and the need for extended services in order to define strategic areas of improvement. The result is a comprehensive, lean and secure program that meets your organization’s demands.

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Why choose Arrow Managed Services

With managed deployment and other IT asset management services, Arrow Value Recovery manages all the details of your technology life cycle, providing the technology that best supports your growth and agility, and leaving you free to focus on your core business.

• Dedicated solutions architects become client advocates and bring insight, speed, efficiency and quality to the process.

• Streamlined process improves IT asset tracking, inventory accuracy and control.

• Managed Deployment Services enhance client’s environmental reporting through improved communication of product disposition.

• Comprehensive process increases reutilization and redeployment of used IT assets.

• Centrally managed IT asset disposition simplifies the disposal process and protects brand reputation.

• Arrow expertise controls risk throughout the IT life cycle.

Managed Services From Arrow Offer:
Planning & Procurement Services
Kitting, Imaging, Upgrades
Deployment & Redeployment
Recovery & Disposal
Delivery & Transportation Services
Remarketing & Recycling
Analysis & Consultation