Lessor Solutions

it asset disposition and recovery solutions for Lessors

Arrow’s Value Recovery group offers off-lease IT asset disposition and IT asset recovery solutions for lessors, which are designed to simplify the returns process, alleviate potential complex issues, reduce uncertainty and maximize value of off-lease technology assets.

We work with leasing and financial institutions to provide quick, secure lease settlement assistance. Our solutions meet a wide range of requirements including:

  • Secure Logistics
  • Data Sanitization
  • Data Destruction
  • Asset Testing
  • Asset Repair
  • Parts Harvesting
  • Redeployment Services
  • Maximized and Controlled Remarketing
  • Environmentally Compliant Recycling
  • Detailed Reporting

Global Compliance

Arrow’s powerful global compliance program ties our facilities together and meets or surpasses the requirements of leading industry regulations, including R2, ADISA, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and others. The global compliance program provides the foundation to safely and properly manage the flow of electronic materials around the world, which means your customers’ data and your corporate reputation are protected.

In addition, Arrow’s network of owned and operated global processing facilities can significantly reduce shipping costs, helping to improve customer satisfaction and capture repeat business.

Comprehensive Reporting

In partnering with Arrow’s Value Recovery group to reconcile your customer’s leased assets, we work quickly to provide detailed information needed for settlement. From an initial alert notification report that helps you identify and troubleshoot potential issues, to a settlement report that details each asset’s functional grade and lists the net value that will be returned, we provide the tools needed to confidently reconcile lease returns.

A Partner You Can Trust

With a global network of facilities, a controlled, secure data destruction process, and the infrastructure capable of carefully managing and maximizing remarketing opportunities, Arrow provides end-to-end, reliable lease return services that are second to none.

Partner with Arrow today. Whether you’re settling a lease on computers, laptops, netbooks, LCDs, tablets, mobile devices, or networking and enterprise equipment, we can eliminate the data and environmental risk associated with off-lease products, maximizing remarketing value recovery.

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Benefits of Arrow’s Lease Return Solutions

Maximized ROI
Arrow’s e-commerce platforms are dedicated to maximize the resale of off-lease technology assets.

Easy-to-Manage Logistics
We simplify processes so day-to-day activity is easier to manage and measure, and more reliable.

Reduce Return Shipping Costs
Our global network of facilities help reduce asset return costs and strengthen client relationships.

Brand, Compliance and Data Protection
Arrow solutions, facility certifications, secure processes and asset-level reporting ensure ultimate brand protection.

Simplify the Returns Process
Arrow’s end-of-lease services simplify the entire process to alleviate complex return issues, strengthen client relationships and help increase profits for our partners.

Security of Arrow
Our financial strength, global supply chain leadership and innovative Five Years Out business practices ensure stability and continuous improvement.

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