Data Center Decomissioning

Data Center Decommissioning Services

Data Destruction ServicesArrow’s Value Recovery group can provide a critical support role when data centers close, move or consolidate. Our data center decommissioning solutions are designed to help clients achieve compliance, mitigate risk, reduce waste, and recover value on retired assets – all without disrupting your business.


Inventory and Equipment Appraisal

The appraisal process begins with Arrow performing a detailed inventory evaluation that captures serialized asset information, make and model. Our experienced specialists then provide a fair market value appraisal for all types of hardware to help you determine the best disposition option for your organization: buyout, return to the lessor, remarketing, or redeployment within your network.

Secure Logistics

Arrow ensures secure, efficient transport to an Arrow-owned facility, your facility or return to the lessor. Our facilities are ADISA- and TAPA-compliant and we employ chain-of-custody controls that are essential to your organization’s security.

Data Security

Our data sanitization and data destruction services align with NIST SP 800-88 guidelines to protect sensitive information and provide reliable and documented hard drive sanitization.

Redeployment/Lease Return

Arrow’s technical expertise includes re-imaging, testing, diagnostics and reconfiguration services to repurpose and redeploy data center equipment within the enterprise environment. Onsite preparation and transportation services keep lease terminations simple, low-risk and low-cost while full reporting makes end-of-lease reconciliations easy. Or your assets can be reconciled, sanitized and redeployed back into your organization.


Our expertise in data center equipment across diverse technologies and platforms, deployed across multiple geographies, ensures the highest velocity and financial return for the resale of equipment on secondary markets.

Responsible Recycling

Arrow’s strict global compliance policies for the handling of all materials meet or exceed today’s leading environmental standards and ensure a fully auditable process through final disposition.

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