Securing the Chain-of-Custody

Locked-laptopEvery step of Arrow’s IT asset disposition process is traceable and auditable to help protect and account for our clients’ data bearing assets. From the moment assets are retrieved, they are closely guarded to ensure their physical and data security and an auditable chain-of-custody is established throughout the entire disposition process.

Arrow provides a full range of services designed to strengthen an organization’s overall chain of custody for retired assets. From full onsite data destruction to third party verification, our flexible services offer secure levels of chain-of-custody based on your organization’s unique needs, providing additional security, visibility, traceability, and peace of mind in retiring your electronic devices.

Comprehensive Service Options

Arrow Onsite
Providing the ultimate level of chain-of-custody, our Arrow onsite services deliver data erasure right at your site before assets ever leave the premises. Arrow technicians are deployed to your office to inventory, inspect, and perform secure data erasure services. While on location, our technicians put advanced tracking systems and erasure tools to work for you, ensuring that every asset is accounted for and properly sanitized. Drives that cannot be successfully erased are degaussed or punched and packaged using tamper-evident tape. Title of the assets is also transferred to Arrow before the assets leave the premises, further protecting the client. And all assets are properly packed and shipped by the technician, maintaining equipment value and securely closing the loop.

Secure Container Transport
In this advanced chain-of-custody option, our client preloads an anticipated asset pick-up list into the Arrow online portal. Arrow dispatches a trained logistics team to the client’s site to inventory, package, and prepare assets for transport in secure, dedicated containers, locked with tamper-evident seals. All inventoried materials are reconciled against the original pick-up list by serial number or asset tag. The reconciled list must be approved by the client, and an electronic report will be sent to the designated contact before materials are released to ship from the client site. To maintain chain-of-custody, Arrow scans each asset upon receipt at its processing centers to provide 100% shipment integrity. An electronic report of the shipment details confirming complete receipt is then sent to the client.

Arrow Onsite Asset Verification
In this enhanced chain-of-custody option,  a client preloads an anticipated asset pick-up list into the Arrow online portal. A trained logistics team is dispatched to the client’s site, and Arrow tracking tags are printed and applied to the assets. Using our Arrow Collection Scan application, assets are scanned on location and directly loaded into our client portal system. Before the team leaves your premises, a detailed reconciliation report is provided that compares all scanned assets to the anticipated assets.

Serialized Asset Scanning
This standard option complements the Arrow Pack & Ship transportation option available on less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. In addition to providing onsite packaging and transportation of assets to an Arrow processing center, a trained logistics crew scans the serial number of all assets. An electronic copy of the scanned asset list is provided to the client, including a detailed record of assets released for shipment to the carrier.

Whether your organization requires the ultimate level of chain-of-custody or a more traditional approach, our team of experts will work with you to determine the right solution to fit your organization’s individual needs. For more information, contact us.

Which Chain-of-Custody level of service is right for you?
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