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Guiding Innovation Forward

Our solutions bring the possible to the practical, creating the solution that should be and delivering it ahead of market need. Here are some of the factors that have already made Arrow Value Recovery a leader in the industry:

  • Environmental Stewardship

    Arrow is going above and beyond, defining a universal approach to environmental compliance on a global scale while exceeding the requirements of any single, existing industry standard. Arrow’s Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) includes stringent controls for:

    - Landfill avoidance for all electronic materials
    - Downstream processor transparency and controls
    - Prohibition on disposition of non-working electronics except to approved downstream processors
    - Prohibition of child or prison labor anywhere in the supply chain
    - Certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, R2 and RIOS requirements
    - Compliance with regional requirements including the WEEE Directive in Europe

  • Technology Reuse

    Refurbished IT equipment has the potential to protect our natural resources, reduce energy consumption and aide communities around the world. As the largest Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) partner in the world, Arrow helps guide innovation into the hands of new users everyday while optimizing value recoveries for clients by pre-installing genuine Windows operating system software on equipment destined for a new home.

    Taking brand protection to the next level, Arrow’s trade compliance program ensures that assets destined for reuse are restricted from shipment to government identified restricted individuals or countries.

  • Simplification

    We understand your desire to manage fewer vendors and keep your business running at full speed. We can help you navigate the requirements of user organizations, the demands of proper disposition, and ever-changing certifications, regulations and compliance laws. Our single-source solutions are designed to simplify your approach, making it easier to focus on responsibilities critical to your own success.

  • Social Responsibility

    Arrow Value Recovery supports a variety of charitable donation programs designed to bridge the digital divide by repurposing and distributing used computer equipment to those in need. Examples include a 10-year relationship with NGO Close The Gap in Europe and multiple programs in North America directing used equipment to qualifying students, veterans and low income families.

  • Full Transparency

    Ensure every step of your recovery, data sanitization and reuse process is transparent and auditable. We provide comprehensive online reporting tools and metrics. Whether measured by financial, environmental or social terms, the information you need in order to document value is always readily available.

The Proof is in Compliance

Arrow’s Global Compliance Program for Value Recovery makes it possible to:

  • Certify chain of custody from receipt through disposition
  • Comply with myriad regulations on a global basis
  • Ensure consistent quality and service level delivery
  • Streamline costs and minimize risk of downtime
  • Demonstrate a process for continuous assessment and improvement
  • Protect the health and safety of everyone that touches your product
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