Value Recovery Manifesto

ValueRecovery_V-xsmallWhat is a manifesto? Merriam Webster defines it as, “a written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group.” We took our manifesto to heart and created one to describe our core beliefs in IT asset disposition and the reverse supply chain and how they relate to Arrow’s Five Years Out message. Read on to see what inspires us.

Value Recovery

The world of Five Years Out is all about new thinking, new materials, new standards…new everything.

So what happens to the old, the excess, and the returned?

If a device is obsolete, does that mean everything inside it is obsolete? Or, could there be value hiding in yesterday’s innovation?

If you’re thinking Five Years Out, this is the sort of opportunity you’re thinking about…and you should know it’s where Arrow excels.

We turn inefficiency into opportunity.

We simplify the complex and minimize risk.

We know how to reduce and re-use.

It’s part of the bigger picture.

Are you ready to uncover value you never knew existed? Then you’re ready to work with us.

We protect your bottom-line, your brand, your clients and the planet. Look at some of our IT asset disposition (ITAD) resources or start a conversation with us today.