Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility in IT Asset Recovery

PrintArrow takes environmental leadership seriously throughout the entire IT product life cycle. In Arrow’s Value Recovery group, our focus lies in helping organizations manage their IT equipment after initial sale, or “aftermarket,” where reverse supply chain and IT asset disposition services are most critical.

We work to promote sustainability through the basic tenets of waste reduction – reduce, reuse and recycle – ­with our primary focus on reuse. We endeavor to identify new opportunities to reuse IT equipment, adding new life to no-longer-wanted equipment or components, recycling only when equipment can no longer be used.

At Arrow, we partner with organizations to help simplify the process of managing product returns and end-of-life equipment and ultimately provide a path for greater corporate sustainability.

The Growing Problem of E-waste

In 2014, the world produced over 41,800,000 metric tons* of electronic waste. And the amount of e-waste is predicted to grow at a rate of 4 to 5 percent annually. The human health hazards and damage to our environment from improperly discarded electronics are issues that keep the Value Recovery team working diligently to ensure that all our processes and reuse strategies, including our downstream recycling, are environmentally sound.

  • In 2016 Arrow Value Recovery diverted over 130mm lbs. or 95k tons of electronic waste from landfills by scrupulous attention to equipment reuse, harvesting usable parts and responsible recycling, which returns important commodities to the manufacturing stream.

Maximum Environmental Sustainability Through Minimum Impact

Our thorough global disposition procedures, combined with our industry certifications, ensure that all IT assets are processed in secure facilities that meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Plus, we require that each member of our global network of premier recycling partners meet our exacting standards.

When you work with us, our first approach is to evaluate your IT assets for reuse and remarketing opportunities at the system or component level. This determination is based on the condition and age of the equipment being retired. Remarketing of material not only helps extend the product life cycle for usable equipment and components, but also keeps your equipment from joining the fast-growing e-waste stream.

If recycling of e-waste is required, our recycling processes exceed the norm of environmental stewardship. Arrow’s environmental policies are not only consistent with R2, RIOS and ISO 14001 requirements, but they also require due diligence for all materials, not just focus materials outlined in the standards, all the way downstream and across all geographies.

When recycling, Arrow properly prepares equipment for disposal in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner – focusing on landfill avoidance, and adhering to zero e-waste export policies, and international standards.

Our Commitment

As an Arrow client, you can be assured that your equipment is properly processed and disposed of in an environmentally safe and compliant manner, adhering to all applicable global laws and environmental regulations.




* The Global E-Waste Monitor 2014, created by the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability.

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