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About Arrow Value Recovery

Arrow’s Value Recovery group provides specialized IT asset disposition (ITAD) and reverse supply chain solutions that protect our clients’ brands and enable technology users to uncover opportunities for greater efficiencies and value capture at the end of the IT product lifecycle.

IT Asset DispositionArrow Value Recovery embodies the best practices of ITAD across the globe, incorporating the expertise of its acquired companies Intechra, Redemtech, Flection, Asset Recovery Corporation, Global Link Technology, Converge, Greentech and ReSolve. After combining these leading organizations into one organization with one comprehensive global platform, Arrow Value Recovery has become the world’s largest aftermarket organization.

In addition, our team of experienced, knowledgeable ITAD experts is focused on creating flexible, locally managed programs customized for each of our clients. So your IT asset management process is easier to manage, measure and more reliable.

ITAD Solutions

Our ITAD solutions are designed to deliver unsurpassed value by focusing on four core values:

  1. Data Security
  2. Environmental Stewardship
  3. Brand Protection
  4. Value Recovery

Reverse Supply Chain Solutions

Our reverse supply chain services provide targeted aftermarket solutions designed for original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and large retailers. With customized service spares and product returns management programs, we can help increase a client’s efficiencies and reduce their supply chain risks.

Arrow’s ITAD, reverse and remarketing solutions are provided through Arrow-owned and operated locations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific (one of the largest owned and operated global footprints in the industry), and through vetted partners in over 100 countries. We invite you to view a slideshow of our automated Dallas facility.

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Innovating the Reverse

For over 80 years, Arrow has provided innovative go-to-market solutions for customers around the world. Now, Arrow’s Value Recovery group is taking the lead in the reverse supply chain and aftermarket, bringing decades of proven expertise, integrity and experience to the reverse and end-of-life stages. For innovative, single-source solutions leveraging a vast infrastructure to provide unmatched stability, security and simplicity, there’s only one source: Arrow.