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About Arrow Value Recovery

Arrow Value Recovery provides specialized IT asset disposition (ITAD), remarketing, and reverse supply chain services that enable technology users to uncover opportunities for greater efficiencies and value capture at the end of the IT product lifecycle.

Arrow Value Recovery incorporates the expertise of former leading global ITAD organizations from around the world including Intechra, Redemtech, Flection, Asset Recovery Corporation, Global Link Technology, Greentech and U.S. Micro. Each with their own legacy, these companies combined strategically to create the world’s largest ITAD organization.

Our solutions are designed to deliver unsurpassed value by focusing on three core values:

  1. Data Security
  2. Brand Protection
  3. Environmental Stewardship

Arrow’s ITAD, reverse and remarketing solutions are provided through Arrow-owned and operated locations in North America, throughout Europe, and in Brazil, and through vetted partners in 109 countries.

In 2012, our responsible recycling practices kept 25,000 tons worth of materials from going to landfills.

Innovating the Reverse

For 75 years, Arrow has provided innovative go-to-market solutions for customers around the world. Now, Arrow Value Recovery is taking the lead in the reverse supply chain and aftermarket, bringing decades of proven expertise, integrity and experience to the reverse and end-of-life stages. For innovative, single-source solutions leveraging a vast infrastructure to provide unmatched stability, security and simplicity, there’s only one source: Arrow.

Value Focused

Arrow maximizes value for our clients in many ways including:
-Increased efficiencies
-Sustainability benefits
-Greater financial return on retired assets

One Global Standard

Ever-changing technology and constantly-evolving regulations make asset recovery complicated, risky and fraught with hidden costs. Arrow operates from a single global standard, and across the largest global footprint in the industry, enabling a unified approach to every value recovery task.

Arrow-Owned & Operated

Consistency, transparency and confidence. That’s what we offer through a network of more than 15 Arrow operated processing facilities across 8 countries. Our uniform standards and quality controls ensure our clients now have a single-source option that delivers consistent levels of service around the world.

Value Recovery

The world of Five Years Out is all about new thinking, new materials, new standards… New everything.

So what happens to the old, the excess, and the returned?

If a device is obsolete, does that mean everything inside of it is obsolete? Or, could there be value hiding in yesterday’s innovation?

If you’re thinking Five Years Out, this is the sort of opportunity you’re thinking about… and you should know it’s where Arrow excels.

We turn inefficiency into opportunity.

We simplify the complex and minimize risk.

We know how to reduce and re-use.

It’s part of the bigger picture.

Are you ready to uncover value you never knew existed? Then you’re ready to work with us.